A relentless Fnatic claim a clean 3-0 victory over Adroit at ESL One Los Angeles Online

ESL One Los Angeles Online had reached its final day for the
Southeast Asia region as the grand finals were left to be played between Team
Adroit and Fnatic.

Earlier in the day the semi-final got underway as BOOM
Esports and Fnatic would go head-to-head in hopes of setting up a grand final
showing against Adroit, who had secured a direct path into the top two
yesterday. While Fnatic had lost to BOOM in their opening series just a few
days ago, this time they managed to not make the same mistakes. The series was
extremely exciting, especially in a game three where both teams were throwing
everything that they could at one another – but unfortunately for BOOM, it was
just not enough to take down Fnatic.

Going into the grand finals we would see another replay of a
magnificent group stage series as Fnatic would be fighting Adroit. Although
Adroit were able to put up a decent fight in the opening match of the
best-of-five series, Fnatic’s lineup were able to always keep themselves ahead
and constantly come out ahead in team fights which gave them the first game.
With their advantage, Fnatic did not let up on the pressure – even with a
dominant Mc ‘Mac’ Nicholson Villanueva Necrophos for Adroit, there was no
stopping them. With the tournament quickly slipping away from them, Adroit
would require a victory in the next game to give themselves a shot at a reverse

Although they had lost their first two series at ESL One Los Angeles Online, Fnatic seemed to completely change things around once they reached the final day – first taking revenge on BOOM before destroying Adroit in the first two games. Showing a completely different side to the way in which they played with a lead in the group stages, Fnatic were relentless, never allowing Adroit to ever get off the mark. Although Adroit did have some moments where it seemed things would turn around, Fnatic shut everything down and claimed a clean 3-0 victory.

Fnatic would be the champions of SEA at ESL One Los Angeles
Online, even after a very shaky start to the event. Later today we will see the
culmination of the North America region, while China’s playoff stage continues.

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