Among Us Takes Over Twitch – Weekly Twitch Top 10s, Sept. 14-20

In June, the number of average players on Steam playing social deduction game Among Us was roughly 600. That number has since grown to 101.63K in just a few months. 

Naturally, Twitch’s leading streamer is at the top of this remarkably resilient and still-surging trend.

Twitch’s Top Channel – xQc

Félix “xQc” Lengyel’s fans have consumed more than 9M hours of Among Us content in the last 30 days, making him overwhelmingly the game’s most popular streamer. Second place, at roughly 4M hours watched is Spanish streamer and fellow Top 10 regular Raúl “Auronplay” Álvarez Genes. In fact, most of the platform’s most prominent names have spent at least some portion of the last month streaming Among Us, following the latest trend. 

The game’s surging popularity both on stream and on Steam highlights just how much content creators can impact the success of a game – especially a title from a smaller studio. One stream from a Top 10 figure can make thousands of potential new customers aware of a little-known title, and for Among Us, this massive wave of promotion has come at little to no cost to the developer as streamers, including the biggest names, are simply playing what performs well with viewers.

Twitch’s Top Content – Among Us

It’s difficult to overstate just how rare it is to see a game like Among Us topping the Twitch charts. Recently, the only way to overtake the all-purpose Just Chatting category has been with a major new release of a viewer incentive campaign. 

Instead, Among Us has effectively become similar to Just Chatting – something utilized by most streamers on the platform to collaborate and create engaging content that audiences on Twitch want to consume. What’s more, Among Us is just one of dozens of socially collaborative games with a traitor element. Streamers can create similar experiences with many other titles should the buzz for Among Us die down. While it’s possible this is simply a flash in the pan, the general trend towards variety, personality-driven streamers succeeding means that we are likely looking at the start of a trend towards social games succeeding more on Twitch.

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