Apex Legends developer confirms the Smart Pistol is not in the works

A couple of days ago, we received a leak that looked to be signaling the arrival of the Smart Pistol in Apex Legends. If you don’t play Titanfall, the Smart Pistol is a weapon that has automatic aim assist and bullets that track enemies by themselves. It was quite controversial when Respawn introduced it into Titanfall, which is why many fans didn’t want to see it in Apex Legends, but there were leaks that suggested it could be coming. Though, as the title points out, a developer has shut down any rumor of the Smart Pistol in Apex.

No Smart Pistol arriving in Apex Legends 

While this could be disappointing to some fans who wanted a new pistol, overall this feels like a good move. The Smart Pistol is infamous for its overpowered nature and annoying mechanics. 

Although, the pistol category in Apex Legends hasn’t seen an addition for the entirety of the battle royale’s life cycle. So, whether or not the new pistol would be overpowered was moot to some fans. 

The leaks in question surrounded some weapon skins for the Smart Pistol being added to the game files. However, shortly after the leaks surfaced, a Respawn developer, Jason McCord, shot down all rumors with one tweet.

Now dextero thinks this is coming to apex good job guys

Very annoying. No, it’s not coming to Apex. But thanks for spreading misinformation.

Though Respawn developers do often stretch the truth and joke around, this doesn’t seem like one of those times. McCord clearly seems upset with the original leaks being spread around. However, this was the conclusion most made when files were found with the Smart Pistol’s name. 

Either way, it doesn’t look like this Titanfall weapon will be seeing World’s Edge or Kings Canyon. However, this does leave the door open for the Volt SMG, another Titanfall gun, to enter the arena. 

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