Apex Legends fan comes up with amazing voice lines for the characters

Apex Legends is one of the few battle royales on the market that emphasizes team play over anything else. Most titles feature a Solos or Duos mode, which has a much different strategy than Squads. However, with Apex Legends, Respawn introduced the pinging system, changing the genre. This system, along with the individual legends, makes team play much more cohesive among the 20 squads in a single match. Of course, the pinging system wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable with the character voice lines.

Whenever you ping an area or weapon, your legend will make some witty remarks. This also happens when you call “dibs” on a weapon or item that another player pings. Though, there’s no voice line when a teammate steals that weapon or item, which is what inspired one fan on Reddit.

  • Fan of Apex Legends creates own voice lines

    The Apex Legends subreddit is chock-full of delightful art concepts and hilarious gameplay clips. There are also tons of useful strategies that players have come up with, like this Pathfinder/zipline strategy. Although, what we’re talking about today is more about general creativity.

    Since it’s frustrating when a teammate steals something that you’ve called dibs on, one fan on Reddit, THAGNOGS, decided to come up with hypothetical voice lines that could express that exasperation. They also took inspiration from other fan comments.

  • Legends should have voice clips for if you take an item they called dibs on pt 2

    A few days ago, I posted an idea about legends having voice clips for when someone takes an item they called dibs on. Mine weren’t very good, but the community came up with a couple of good ones that I would like to share here, one clip for each legend.

    Bloodhound: Felgí fighter, I needed that.

    Gibraltar: watch it bruddah, I’d hate to have to knock you down myself!

    Lifeline: so this is da tanks I get for healin ya?

    Pathfinder: you took my item, I’m sad now, but that’s ok friend!

    Wraith: (voice in head: We needed that) That was more important than you understand.

    Bangalore: I see we got another FNG over here… they’ll learn soon enough.

    Mirage: Hey! That was mine! Not that I care or anything… you know what? Jus- just keep it

    Caustic: I believe that someone of my intellect would make better use of that.

    Octane: I would complain, but you beat me to it! Impressive!

    Crypto: huhoehage doelgeoya, you’ll regret that. You’re lucky we’re on the same team.

    Wattson: gasp theif! I called dibs!

    Revanent: No worries, I’ll just take it when your dead.