CDL Atlanta proves the Call of Duty League is full of talented rosters

While the Atlanta FaZe took home the victory in Georgia yesterday, that was almost a foregone conclusion. Coming into CDL Atlanta, there were two teams favored to win it all, being FaZe and the Chicago Huntsmen. When the Huntsmen were knocked out by Florida, however, it proved that this year won’t just be two or three teams duking it out every event. Instead, it appears we have a league with tons of talented rosters that all have a shot at winning any given tournament.

The CDL has multiple rosters capable of winning

Usually, in Call of Duty esports, there are three to four teams every year who win all of the events. Sometimes a dark horse emerges and makes a run, but they’ve rarely ever gone all the way. The likes of OpTic Gaming, Envy, and eUnited were the top teams for quite a long time, with no real contender coming to match them.

However, this year is a totally different story in Call of Duty. Since the rosters were essentially hand-picked by the players and organizations, each team is layered with talent from top to bottom. There are, of course, some dud rosters, like OpTic Gaming, but most seem to have what it takes to win.

This weekend at CDL Atlanta, we saw multiple teams come close to winning series. The Toronto Ultra took Chicago to a game 5, and Florida even managed to best them. On the flip side, Minnesota nearly beat eventual winners FaZe in a nailbiter.

While there are definitely top-tier and mid-tier squads, the way this year has played out makes us think it won’t be cut and dry every event. Sometimes the favorites will win, like in Atlanta, but other times a surprise team could come out of nowhere to take home the victory.

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