China’s top 3 teams struggle in the ESL One Los Angeles Online

After four days of matches at ESL One Los Angeles Online tournament, Invictus Gaming, Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD Gaming are the bottom three teams of the China division. While iG have been already eliminated from the tournament, the big battle for survival will come on the last day for VG and PSG.LGD.

In a rather unexpected fashion, Newbee took down the top dogs in their region and, along with Royal Never Give Up and EHOME, they surged at the top of the group. Meanwhile, VG seem to still be slowly coming back from a short vacation.  When ESL One LA was supposed to be a Major, part of the Dota Pro Circuit, VG chose to step aside and skip it all together. But given the recent development of the COVID-19 pandemic, they rejoined the re-invented tournament, now playing in an online format exclusively. Perhaps the premature ending of their time away from the computers didn’t find the VG squad in its best shape, as so far they won only one series out of four.

Invictus Gaming 0-8 losing streak

Despite being the second ranked team from China in the Dota Pro Circuit leaderboards, Invictus Gaming haven’t been able to win a single game through four days of matches and are the first team to be eliminated from the event. They started the tournament by getting heavily outdrafted by RNG, who countered their carry Riki and their mid lane Storm Spirit. Ironically, they lost the second game to a Riki draft coming from RNG, who also had a Dragon knight on their side for superior team fight and objective taking purposes.

Moving into the second day of group play, iG lost to the relentless push power of Newbee, who drafted a carry Nature’s Prophet. The second game was the closest match iG fought through the entire tournament, forcing Newbee to a nerve wracking back and forth battle, but eventually iG’s carry Storm Spirit couldn’t keep the pace with several clutch plays from Newbee’s mid lane newcomer Yin “Aq” Rui, who managed to secure the victory for his team on Templar Assassin.

Day three pitted iG against EHOME and they found themselves once again outdrafted and ran over by two EHOME line-ups built for early objectives. Game one featured Death Prophet and Wraith King forcing fights on their terms, while game two lasted just 15 minutes courtesy of EHOME’s Lycan and Death Prophet. Unfortunately for the iG fans, today’s series was no different, as Vici Gaming brought the DP in game one while also having strong team fights combos to control the entire iG line-up. Game two started off way better for iG, who managed to take an early lead with a mid lane Lina and a hard to catch Timbersaw and managed to keep the gold and experience advantage for nearly 45 minutes of the game. However, their lineup was not going to survive a late game scenario and VG were able to punish them with a 19-0-19 carry Slark and a fully recovered Shadow Fiend.

The 0-6 losing streak brings with it the elimination from the event, although iG still have one more series scheduled for April 1, the last day of the group stage matches.

Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD fighting to avoid elimination

After opening their LA Online campaign with a 2-1 over PSG.LGD on a very long day for both teams, as they also fought head to head on March 28 for the China Dota2 Professional League title, VG went on a 0-4 losing record through the next two days. They got absolutely dismantled by RNG, who had a fierce Storm Spirit in the mid lane to force the GG call in just 17 minutes.

Game two was much more contested with the Storm being on the VG side that time around, however, RNG were looking to drag the game in the late stages, where their Anti-Mage took full control. Moving into the next series, against Newbee, VG felt like they had the room to experiment in game one with a mid lane Underlord and got run over by their adversaries Lycan. The second game lost to a spotless performance from Newbee’s newcomer Yin “Aq” Rui in the mid lane on Morphling. Their victory over iG from today keeps the hope alive. The same goes for PSG.LGD who are on a 5-7 overall score after forcing decisive games from all their opponents so far in the group play. The China Dota2 Professional League champions managed to win only one series so far, on day two of the group stage against EHOME. Their last chance to make it to the playoffs will come tomorrow, April 1, when they will play against the already eliminated iG. To avoid elimination they will need to take down iG 2-0 and will also need VG to defeat EHOME with the same 2-0 score.

April 1 China division schedule:

08:00 CEST/14:00 SGT – EHOME vs Vici Gaming
11:00 CEST/17:00 SGT – Invictus Gaming vs PSG.LGD
14:00 CEST/20:00 SGT – RNG vs Newbee

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