Cloud9 leads LCS in Baron, dragon, Rift Herald, and jungle control rates

We’re only halfway through the 2020 LCS Spring Split, but Cloud9 have already solidified themselves as the best League of Legends team in North America. Their dominance has been felt in many aspects of the game, but their objective control has been one of the more important reasons why they have been so successful this season.

C9 have a 100 percent control rate on first dragons, Elder Dragon control, and Baron Nashor. They also have an 83 percent Rift Herald acquisition rate, a 92 percent elemental dragon control rate, and a 58.1 percent jungle control rate—all of these stats lead the league by a huge margin.

This level of objective control hasn’t been seen much in the LCS, but this new roster has really stepped up its macro play and decision making. Every match has been relatively one-sided due to their ability to control not only objectives, but the map in general. As a testament to this, C9 even have an 89 percent first tower rate and a 100 percent first-to-three towers rate as well.

C9 also have the best early game of any LCS team, sitting at a 2,628 gold difference at 15 minutes. To show the discrepancy between the other teams, the second-highest gold difference at 15 minutes belongs to TSM at 986—that’s a whopping 1,642 gold difference. Currently, every player is performing at what seems to be their peak capacity too, and their team play is flourishing because of this.

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