CoD: CDL 2021 Power Rankings After Stage 2 Major

Here’s our updated Power Rankings following the second Major of the season.

The second Major of the 2021 Call of Duty League season brought some exceptional matches. Toronto Ultra took home the title, and caused a massive shakeup in our Power Rankings while doing so.

12. Paris Legion (-1)

Paris Legion were sent home straight away in Major 2 following a 3-0 sweep from LA Thieves. They’ve been inconsistent so far this season, and if they wish to compete for Champs, a change may be needed.

11. London Royal Ravens (+1)

London Royal Ravens were also sent home after their first match by the LA Thieves. However, they managed to get two maps. The resilience from the Thieves saw them reverse sweep, and send the Royal Ravens packing. London’s results are down to their SMG’s. When Zed frys, Dylan frys, but we’re yet to see London dominate without big games from these two.

10. Los Angeles Guerrillas (-4)

From beating FaZe at their Home Series, to losing 3-0 to Florida, this was a Major to forget for the Guerrillas. A poor performance sent them home after just one match in a blisteringly quick 3-0. The Guerrillas have talent and most definitely experience, but it seems that teams have started to figure them out.

9. Florida Mutineers (-)

While they beat the Guerrillas, that’s as far as Florida’s Major run went. A 3-1 from Seattle Surge knocked them out, and ultimately resulted in a change. Slacked has been dropped. Who joins the Mutineers? We’re not sure yet, we expect a player such as Saints, Decemate or even sub Havok to join sometime this week.

8. Seattle Surge (-1)

The Surge made a good run in the Major, and they can feel optimistic heading into the midway stage of the season. Prestinni is feeling good, and a hot Prestinni is something that not many players ever want to face. If he continues to dominate, Surge can be a dark horse team.

7. LA Thieves (+3)

After making a solid Losers Bracket run, LA Thieves move up to 7th. The addition of Drazah to the roster has definitely helped the Thieves. However, this could easily just be a honeymoon period for the Major. While the debate around positionless COD could be had for hours, Kenny dominated in the Main AR role, and that could be his spot for the rest of the season.

6. New York Subliners (-3)

The New York Subliners were swept out of the Major in two 3-0’s to the hands of Dallas Empire and the LA Thieves. Clayster struggled in his series against Dallas, and while they tried to fight back against the Thieves, Kenny stood strong and dominated. Is it time for a change at the Subliners? We think so. HyDra deserves a spot in this roster, we’ve seen what young european talent can do already this year, and he can have the same impact.

5. Minnesota ROKKR (-1)

Minnesota ROKKR were involved in two extremely close series, winning one Game 5 Round 11, and losing one. The Major seemed like a complete flip for ROKKR, their Hardpoint looked great, while their SnD was lacklustre. One thing that stood out was Attach’s impact on the squad. If he has a bad game, ROKKR struggle, so they need to find a way to win without relying on Attach.

4. OpTic Chicago (+1)

While they were knocked out in Top 6 at the Major, OpTic Chicago look drastically improved. Their Search and Destroy looked great this week, and this is a massive improvement. They were extremely unlucky against ROKKR, but we expect them to bounce back in Stage 3.

3. Dallas Empire (-1)

Dallas Empire are in a tough spot right now. While they look great, and can challenge for Championships, FaZe just seem to have their number. Huke needs to return to the heights of his Stage 1 performances. While Shotzzy has stepped up, for Empire to win, Huke needs to be at the MVP level we saw earlier in the year.

2. Atlanta FaZe (-1)

Atlanta FaZe are finally knocked off the top spot after losing in the Stage 2 Major Grand Final. They had a bad day, and no team can win every match. However, their teamwork definitely needs to be worked on going into Stage 3. While FaZe most likely will win every gunfight, Toronto proved that their teamwork can outperform straight talent in the Final.

1. Toronto Ultra (+7)

The European squad of Toronto Ultra are the best team in the game right now. Their teamwork was incredible, and every player was dominating across the board on Championship Sunday. Bance’s Player of the Stage performance was exceptional, and the second ever European Major winners were crowned. Ultra will be tough to beat in this form, so they need to keep this up in Stage 3.

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