CSGO breaks 1 million concurrent players record at 7 years old, sets new record

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has broken it’s concurrent player record yet again, this time hitting 1 million. The game had been breaking it’s previously held records almost weekly for the last month and a half prior to hitting this major milestone.

Released in 2012 as the third (fourth if you count Condition Zero) game in the Counter-Strike series, Global Offensive had a rocky start before cementing itself as the game that would ultimately unite the 1.6 and Source communities. This was largely due to Valve only supporting the new title in the beginning and creating the Majors.

The 7-year-old has brought in more players at the same time than it ever has according to SteamChart. According to SteamCharts, throughout March 7th to 14th the game rarely fell below 500k viewers and hit its highest peak ever at 1,0001,756.

This news comes after Counter-Strike seemed to be surging in popularity thanks in part to the game going free-to-play prior to the recent Operation: Shattered Web alongside more people being held out of school and work due to the coronavirus outbreak. Add in the idea that many “future Valorant pros” are using Counter-Strike as a way to prepare themselves, it’s a concoction of reasons for the game to be rising to new heights.

Counter-Strike still lags behind DOTA 2 in that category by a little bit with the popular Valve MOBA hitting an all-time peak of 1,291,328 in February 2016.

The CS:GO team sent out a tweet of thanks after breaking the record.

Will it continue to climb? Right now it looks very possible.

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