Cyberpunk 2077 player discovers unused railway transit system

Anyone who has tried to walk anywhere in Cyberpunk 2077 understands how important vehicles are in Night City. As fun as it is to drive V’s car or motorcycle, sometimes players just need a faster way to get across Night City. The fast travel system is the most efficient way to travel, but thanks to a recently discovered building, there appears to have been another method of travel in development at one time.

Cut Cyberpunk 2077 railway might have been an early fast travel system

Reddit user u/Sybekul uploaded a video of the Cyberpunk 2077 railway system, complete with railway tracks and what appears to be a hub station in-game. In the short video, Sybekul runs along several railway tracks before entering a building. There does not appear to be trains running along the tracks during the video. From the railway, they are able to jump to a building with a massive sign reading “Night City Rapid Transit.” Once inside, there’s not much to see, unfortunately. Above the players is a glitched out ceiling and on the floor below there is just a bunch of empty space.

  • it looks like they planned on having a fully functioning train system but couldn’t finish it in time!