Dota 2 patch 7.25c brings nerfs to a lot of heroes along with HP regen items

Dota 2 patch 7.25c has been released and it brings nerfs to a few heroes and items. The meta has developed into a death ball push meta with most games ending within the 30 minute mark and the changes in this patch will reduce the game speed a bit, giving lineups that take a while to come online a chance to fight back. The entire set of patch notes can be found here. We will be looking at the major changes from the patch.

General changes

Picking in pubs is going to be a fast paced endeavor and will also ensure those heroes for which players rush get removed from the game. This will make pub games a lot less lop sided.

Item changes

Most items that provide HP regen have had their regen reduced. A lot of these items offer sustain to early push lineups and nerfing them will have an additive effect in reducing the team’s sustain. One wrong step and the death ball lineups take a major hit and these small changes take those lineups closer to the cliff. Necronomicon, which has become one of the most bought items of the patch, also sees two strength taken away from it.

Hero changes

A total of 12 heroes have undergone nerfs this patch, some of them minor and some of them major. Let’s look at the three heroes who will be most hurt by the nerfs from Dota 2 patch 7.25c.

(1) Lycan

The wolf might not need armor, but the wolf is definitely crying. A cooldown of 125 seconds at level 1 means a downtime of 103 seconds (Shapeshift lasts for 22 seconds)! That is a long time and will hamper Lycan’s early game massivley, which is where he thrives. If the game tends to go beyond a cerain point, Lycan’s effectiveness starts fading away. And with nerfs to his favorite items, Helm of the Dominator and Necronomicon, Lycan’s pick prospects are looking bleak.

(2) Meepo

This change hurts Meepo immensely in lane. Even though the damage and armor is the same, Meepo loses the attack speed gained from the 7 agility. Not getting the first clone at level 3 will hurt his laning. Meepo depends on getting that early clone out to start getting ahead on gold and mainly experience. If the first couple of levels have gone bad, the clone allows Meepo to teleport back to base and Poof into lane with full HP and mana. If the hero loses the lane, it is a tough climb back. The cheese Meepo picks will be going down after patch 7.25c.

(3) Wraith King

The base damage makes it a bit difficult to farm in lane, especially a difficult lane where last hits are hard to come by. But the major change for Wraith King is the 30 seconds reduction in skeleton duration. Those skeletons are strong enough to farm a lot of neutral creeps or creep waves in the lane and help in propelling WK’s farm. With their duration reduced by that huge an amount, Wraith King’s farm rate is sure to take a hit.

The online ESL One LA leagues continue and the remaining games will be played on Dota 2 patch 7.25c. Check out the games to come to find out how the patch will be affecting the game. Hope everyone reading this is doing well. Stay safe.

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