Dota 2: The Best Heroes for Patch 7.24

Here are some of the best heroes in the patch after the nerfs that 7.24b brought.

Even though we are still yet to see what will happen in the upcoming DPC tournaments, we already have some observations of the newest Dota 2 patch. 7.24 was released a couple of days ago and it brought very important changes to the game.

Just a few days ago, Valve even released the first small sequence to it (7.24b). However, nothing major changed there. Instead, this patch was all about nerfing some of the “supposedly overpowered” heroes.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the most successful heroes in this patch.


Despite the fact that this hero suffered a small nerf, Timbersaw still remains one of the strongest heroes in this patch. Often referred to as the nightmare of every Strength hero, Timber is capable of ripping through the enemy lineups, especially when he gets a head start.

This hero wasn’t that popular during the Los Angeles Qualifiers. However, once the WePlay! Tug of War: Mad Moon tournament came, teams were fighting for him every single game. As a result, he finished as a hero with an insane win rate of 75%.

We expect Timber to remain one of the top picks of this patch, especially in the upcoming DPC tournaments. However, there are still many counters that he has to deal with, so we won’t be surprised if we see some teams with a tactic against his hero.


We can safely say that Snapfire became the biggest pain to deal with after 7.24 was released. Although the hero was released during the Outlanders Update, it wasn’t until recently that people actually discovered how powerful it is.

Thanks to his reliable escape mechanism and tons of damage, Snapfire quickly became one of the hottest support heroes. That’s why it’s no surprise that it was among the most picked heroes in the LA Major qualifiers and WePlay!’s tournament.

After a couple of weeks of ownage, everyone expected IceFrog to step in and cool-down the situation. As a result, 7.24b brought a couple of nerfs to this trendy hero – the stun duration was reduced and her ult now does a little bit less damage. Despite that, Snapfire still remains the most picked hero in the highest MMR bracket with an over 42% pick rate.


Lifestealer is one of the heroes that comes in and out of the meta from time to time. Even though he is not among the most persistent top picks, whenever the patch favors him, he can score some of the best win rates out of any carries.

After 7.24 was released, Lifestealer suddenly became super popular yet again. Previously, the hero was kind of distant from the meta, although there were teams running him as support.

The newest patch increased his attack speed and movement speed, which made him very strong early on. Combined with offensive support, laning against Naix was a nightmare, regardless of what offlane hero you had to play with.

However, it seems like Valve buffed him a little too much, judging by what happened in 7.24b. Lifestealer was one of the most severely nerfed heroes because he lost 10 attack speed and 3 base damage. Even though it might not seem as much, it definitely has an effect on his laning stage.

While it’s true that the hero’s pick and win rate started to decline a bit, he still remains one of the most popular heroes in Dota 2 right now. No wonder he has a whopping ~25% pick rate in the highest MMR bracket.


We can’t wait to see the third set of DPC tournaments that begin in just a few days. The first one is going to be the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor which starts on the 5th of March. It will be very interesting to see whether there will be any major shift in the hero picks. Who knows, some teams might have some hidden gems waiting to be revealed.

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