Doublelift returns to LCS with a loss, Cloud9 back to winning on Monday Night League

On Monday, Team Liquid announced that their starting bot lane carry Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng will return to the roster after being benched for the last three games. On Monday Night League, Liquid were to play Immortals in a critical match near the end of the season and needed all the star power and experience to take down the current tied-for-fourth place team.

To Liquid’s disappointment, they could not find victory and were tossed around the Rift by their own former team-mate, Jake “Xmithie” Pucherro. With a flawless KDA of 3/0/6 on Gragas, Xmithie took home the MVP title for the game in Immortals 14-4 victory over Team Liquid, which pushed the white and blue jerseys into a very uncomfortable position two weeks before the end of the split.

Virtually every one of Liquid’s lanes struggled against Immortals. Nikolaj “Jensen” Jensen punished an over-eager Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire in a mid lane solo battle to take first blood for Team Liquid, but it was all downhill from there. Through Xmithie’s map control and their first Rift Herald, Immortals got to a 3.6K gold lead by minute 19, downing three turrets of Liquid’s already. The two teamfights that took place were one-sided affairs too: a four-for-one trade at the Dragon pit for Immortals and then a clean ace in the final team fight with a pentakill for Apollo “Apollo” Price.

After the one-sided loss, Team Liquid are now tied for seventh place with a score of 6-8, and there’s a very possible scenario where the four-times LCS champions might miss the Spring Playoffs altogether. In their remaining four matches, Liquid have to face Evil Geniuses (4th, 7-7), FlyQuest (2nd, 8-6) and finally Cloud9 (1st, 13-1) as the final boss.

Speaking of Cloud9, the rankings leader got back on the winning track on Monday, stomping Golden Guardians 21-5 with 19K gold lead in just under 30 minutes. C9, who dropped their first and so far only loss in the split to Team SoloMid on Saturday, remain the only team whose Spring Playoffs spot is already secured. FlyQuest and TSM are tied for 2nd at 8-6, five wins behind Cloud9.

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