DreamHack Provides Summer Update, Temporarily Suspends Ticket Sales

DreamHack Summer has decided to temporarily suspend ticket sales for its Summer event.

Taking place in Jönköping, Sweden, DreamHack summer is one of the biggest LAN events of the year. It is by far Sweden’s largest, alongside its Winter counterpart. But the rapidly changing landscape of the COVID-19 disease brings difficulties.

Last week we spoke to DreamHack about the summer event. At the time, their advice was “At this time, we plan to move forward with all of our DreamHack events this year as scheduled.” Though they would continue to seek advice from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten).

As proof of how rapidly this situation is changing, less than a week later and DreamHack has provided another update on the situation.

“At the moment, we are evaluating options for how to proceed with DreamHack Summer 2020 and will give you an update within the coming week. As a result, we have decided to temporarily suspend ticket sales for DreamHack Summer 2020 during this time. Please note that in the event of cancellation, we will refund tickets as per our standard terms and conditions. In the case the event gets rescheduled, we will offer optional refunds.”

It’s not just this event that could be under threat, however. DreamHack Masters is scheduled to be hosted alongside the Summer event, but is now under threat too. DreamHack continues to be in communication with the CS:GO, teams, staff for that event alongside the WarCraft 3 Open, European Circuit Grand Finals in SSMB, and a Hearthstone Masters Tour.

We’ll update you with the latest info as soon as we have it.

Image Credit DreamHack

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