Elephant set new networth record in the history of competitive Dota 2 with 154K lead over EHOME

At their first LAN and only their third tournament appearance overall, Elephant set a new record in the history of Dota 2

Elephant were yesterday put to a tremendous test yesterday, November 28, by PSG.LGD in the China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2 lower bracket semifinals. The decisive game three held with elimination on the line, forced Elephant to play against a God tier Techies from Zhao “XinQ” Zixing, who managed to drag the match past the 94-minute mark. In what was the second longest game of the 7.27 patch, Elephant managed to take the throne down and advance to the lower bracket finals. Little did they know that the finals day at their first LAN appearance would bring another test of endurance, this time around set by EHOME.

Highest networth advantage in the history of Dota 2

Today’s lower bracket finals at China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2 start of the series was far from foretelling how incredibly exciting things would get. After Elephant took game one with a Slark-Templar Assassin duo core buffed by the Ogre Magi Bloodlust, EHOME struck back in game two with a Lifestealer-Night Stalker-Void Spirit trio core able to ambush the oppositions all over the map to force Elephant to a decisive match.

After two pretty straight forward games, the series took a weird path as Elephant picked both Night Stalker and Keeper of the Light and were building for a split push strategy, with a mid lane Nature’s Prophet picked to bypass EHOME’s push power given by Drow, Viper and Shadow Shaman. However, the map splitting shenanigans while avoiding the big teamfights led to an 80-minutes game.

Given EHOME’s power to repel the enemy on the high ground, Elephant built a 154,000 gold lead fighting with two Divine Rapiers on a support Lina in the hands of Xu “fy” Linsen, another Rapier on Lu “Somnus” Yao’s Furion and two Moon Shards on the Night Stalker. But, despite the incredible amount of damage output, they still needed to wait for the tier four neutral items drops and had to patiently take fights only with the Aegis advantage to force EHOME into fighting without buybacks in order to end the game.

Prior to this Elephant versus EHOME game, the networth record was held by the South American roster of Havan Liberty, who on September 15 this year took down Thunder Predator in the BTS Pro Series Season 3: Americas with a 93,000 gold lead.


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