Epic Games releases the Iris Starter Pack in Fortnite Season 2

It appears that Fortnite is receiving a brand new cosmetic bundle in Season 2. Named the “Iris Pack”, this starter kit is the perfect value for players who want a nicely designed skin and other items for not a whole lot of money. The Iris Pack comes with one skin, back bling, pickaxe, and 600 V-Bucks. It will be available for purchase throughout today, as Epic Games is staggering its release throughout the world. This means that countries like New Zealand already have access while the United States might need to wait until tomorrow.

Details on the Fortnite Iris Pack

We’ve seen countless other cosmetic bundles like this in Fortnite. However, there’s an extremely valid reason for this. Some players simply can’t afford the pricier skins in the Item Shop, which is why Epic Games releases these Starter Packs. Essentially, the Iris Pack is worth around $20 once you add everything up, but it’s on sale for $8.

Also, you receive most of that money back in V-Bucks. So, not only do you receive a pack with three different cosmetics, but you can buy future skins with your newly acquired V-Bucks.

Originally data-mined in the v12.00 update, the Iris Pack comes with the following cosmetics (courtesy of @ShiinaBR):

  • Iris Skin (which features multiple styles)
  • Roundabout Back Bling
  • Pop Axe Pickaxe

The Iris Pack will be available worldwide within the next 24 hours! It contains the following items:

– 600 V-Bucks
– “Iris” Outfit (includes additional style)
– “Roundabout” Back Bling
– “Pop Axe” Pickaxe

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Like all Starter Packs, the items all match each other, with the Iris Pack going for a pink, orange, and indigo color scheme. The shades match each other well, and the Iris skin is certainly unique with the hood and hair color.

As previously stated, the pack will release at different times for every country. So, if you want to know if the pack is available for you, simply check the Fortnite Item Shop periodically.

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