Everything you need to know about the Noxus region in Legends of Runeterra

Noxus is the most feared empire in all of Runeterra. The region is known for being ruthless and violent, traits showcased by all Noxians. 

The champions in Legends of Runeterra are no exception. The Noxus deck is designed for aggressive players who enjoy relentless strategies.

The League of Legends lore explains that Noxus is a brutal empire but also a surprisingly inclusive nation. The Noxians are judged based on their talents and what they can bring to the empire. Magic and those who can master this ability are celebrated in Noxus. The duality of Noxus translates into LoR in the form of diverse strategies that are equally strong.

Synergies in Noxus

The Noxus region has three key decks: rush, cluster, and survive. Each deck takes a different approach. Rush is a fast-paced strategy for those looking to quickly burst down enemies. Cluster relies on teamwork to become stronger. Survive requires more patience and strategy to make the champions shine.

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