Fnatic Signs British Rapper Not3s to Talent Roster

London-based esports organization Fnatic announced the signing of British rapper Lukman “Not3s” Odunaike to its stable of influencers. Odunaike becomes the first U.K.-based musician to sign with an esports organization.

Fnatic joins the growing list of esports organizations adding influencers from other pockets of the entertainment industry to their talent rosters. FaZe Clan is perhaps most notable within this trend, having recently signed basketball stars Lebron James Jr. and Ben Simmons. Team Liquid also recently announced the addition of actor Asa Butterfield to its lineup.

As part of Fnatic, Odunaike will become a member of the Fnatic U.K. Crew – a group of U.K.-based gaming influencers built around community-driven games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty.

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