Frost Giant Studios Partners With Dreamhaven, Licenses Unreal Engine 5 for RTS Title – The Esports Observer

Frost Giant Studios announced Thursday that it has secured a partnership with Dreamhaven, the game company led by Blizzard Entertainment co-founder Mike Morhaime and his wife, former VP of Blizzard Esports Amy Morhaime. The developer also announced that it is one of the first “non-Epic title” to license Epic Games’ new game development engine, Unreal Engine 5. Epic announced Wednesday that UE5 has been released in early access to licensees.

Financial terms of the deals with Dreamhaven and Epic games were not disclosed. 

The studio, founded by Blizzard veterans Tim Morten and Tim Campbell, will utilize Dreamhaven as advisors as it develops its new real-time strategy game. Dreamhaven will provide guidance on gameplay elements including barrier to entry for new players, product development, feedback in pre-production, and cooperative, campaign, and competitive gameplay.

Frost Giant is already thinking about how its game can be utilized as an esports title out of the gate, though the company hasn’t revealed any details on its first product as of this writing.  

In March 2020, Frost Giant raised a $5M USD investment from Korean venture capital fund Kona Venture Partners, as well as Global Founders Capital, RXBAR co-founder Jared Smith, and game backend entrepreneur Eden Chen. At the time, it also hired StarCraft II Lead Engineer James Anhalt as its chief architect. In October of 2019, it raised $4.7M  in a seed round.

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