G2 dispatch fnatic in IEM Katowice semifinal

One side of the final is set as G2 has earned their place after defeating fnatic in the IEM Katowice semifinals. The French and Serbian lineup took on the Swedes in a three map series that saw plenty of highlight level players.

A map typically reserved for the decider, Inferno kicked things off for the two prominent esports organizations as they battled for a spot in the finals. G2 would come out swinging in the first half, building up to a 10-5 lead before swapping to the T side. While fnatic was able to take seven rounds on their own CT side, it wouldn’t be without giving up six to G2 and therefore falling 16-12 and going down 0-1 in the series.

fnatic would be able to take the lead in the second map, Dust2, by a smaller margin at 9-6 at the half. Once again the team down at the half would find some success but be unable to prevent the team ahead from picking up the rounds needed. fnatic would pull off the seven rounds needed to secure a 16-11 win and push the third and final map of Train. Maikil “Golden” Selim was atop the leaderboard for fnatic in their map win at 25-15 and 92.9 average damage per round.

Another close game would be played as the two teams battled to another 9-6 half with G2 holding the advantage. fnatic wasn’t ready to give up though, even as their opponents went up 15-9. They’d battle back for 3 consecutive rounds before G2 would ultimately close it out and eliminate the Swedes. No member of G2 went negative in the final map of the series and Kenny “kennyS” Schrub would net a +19 kill-to-death differential and 82.1 ADR after the three maps.

G2 will play the winner of Astralis and Natus Vincere in the finals of IEM Katowice 2020.

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