Gen.G's bdd donates 5М KRW to help coronavirus victims

In order to “meaningfully celebrate” his 27th birthday, Gen.G’s mid laner Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong has donated 5M KRW (approximately $4,100 USD) to he National Disaster Relief Foundation to help coronavirus victims, reported. Bdd also posted his receipt on Twitter, saying:

“I’m very happy that I can post this after winning the game. But I’m very sorry that for the first time since my debut, I can’t listen to the birthday songs my fans sing.”

Bdd was one of the MVPs in Gen.G’s 2-1 victory against Afreeca Freecs today, which tied them for first place with T1. The mid laner had a great game on LeBlanc, helping in 18 of his team’s 21 kills and putting on a 7/1/11 KDA to secure the equalizing game.

Bdd’s example of donating to coronavirus victims follows that of his home org. Last week, Gen.G announced that its Overwatch League franchise, the Seoul Dynasty, will donate all earnings from its March homestand games, as well as all merchandise and in-game sales until end of March to coronavirus charities.

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