Hearthstone Celebrates Its Sixth Birthday With Limited-Time Anniversary Event

It’s been six years since the landmark CCG Hearthstone was first released upon unsuspecting players, and with the new release comes information about the upcoming sixth anniversary event.

According to the official Hearthstone website, this time-limited event will feature Tavern Brawls, a brand new legendary quest line, and a whole lot of log-in rewards starting at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, March 4 and lasting until 10 a.m. on March 17 on Tuesday, March 17. These rewards include 2 Rise of Shadows packs, 2 Saviors of Uldum packs, 2 Descent of Dragons packs, and the Year of the Dragon card back.

This information came with patch Patch 16.4.0, also reffered to as the “Dragons Update,” which most notably added Dragons as a new minion type to Battlegrounds.

Although that’s all the official information released about the event, card game enthusiast website OutOf.Cards has partaken in a little bit of datamining to figure out more details about the event.

According to their look into the game’s files, there are six legendary quests under the “Spirit of Competition” questline. These quests mostly look to be the kind of things you’d probably do anyway while simply playing the game — play two games in any mode, play 20 cards in any mode, and take 30 turns in any mode are all among the quests. The rewards are card packs, and include Descent of Dragons packs, Rise of Shadows Packs, and Saviors of Uldum Packs.

The datamining also notes three other quests in the “Spirit of Competition” quest line which are flagged as “not used” in the game’s code, so it’s likely they were just used for testing.

Of course, the birthday celebration isn’t the only thing that comes with the new update. The update also features the return of the Khadgar Hero Set, along with a brand-new class-specific pack that will net players five mage decks for just $9.99.

The game has come a long way since it was first released and revolutionized the digital CCG genre. Here’s to seeing how it looks in another six years.

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