Illuminar bench entire CSGO lineup ahead of 2021

Illuminar have placed their entire Counter-Strike roster on the bench as they look toward 2021. The Polish organization has revealed this decision shortly after the lineup qualified for the IEM Katowice Play-In thanks to the ESL Polish Championship victory the team had in September.

The organization has stated that Illuminar couldn’t get set on a group of players which comes after Paweł “⁠innocent⁠” Mocek transferred to MAD Lions and the organization added Tomasz “⁠phr⁠” Wójcik in his place. It is expected that the organization will reveal the plans for their CS:GO division following Christmas.

The benched Illuminar CS:GO lineup:

Poland Paweł “⁠reatz⁠” Jańczak
Poland Janusz “⁠Snax⁠” Pogorzelski
Poland Arek “⁠Vegi⁠” Nawojski
Poland Mikołaj “⁠mouz⁠” Karolewski
Poland Tomasz “⁠phr⁠” Wójcik

Poland Adrian “⁠imd⁠” Pieper (coach)

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