Infinite slide glitch discovered in Apex Legends – Daily Esports

An Apex Legends player has discovered an infinite slide glitch that allows players to literally slide infinitely. Considering that sliding is one of our most favorite abilities in the game, get prepared to see players sliding all over the maps even more than they used to.

As anyone who has played Apex Legends knows, sliding is not only fun to do in-game, it’s practical as well. Players can slide down hills, slide toward opponents, and slide between covers. It’s not uncommon to play a match and see players sliding more than actually running. Now there’s a way to slide to your heart’s content, but sorry, console players — only PC players (so far) can take advantage of this little exploit.

The infinite slide glitch is technically not a glitch at all. All it takes is for players to rebind the crouch action to their mouse scroll wheels. By simply rolling the scroll wheel, the constant stream of crouch inputs into the game will propel players forward. In the video below, Reddit user KremitOG started with a slide and then used the scroll wheel to keep the movement going. The slide will continue as long as the player scrolls the wheel.

  • Crouch bound to scroll wheel allows for infinite slide