League of Legends player uses Ornn to wipe the enemy team in a 1-vs-5

Whether you like it or not, the tank meta is back.

A League of Legends player used Ornn to one-vs-five the enemy team, posting the highlight on Reddit today. The tanky top laner was indestructible and wiped his opponents effortlessly with the help of the new-and-improved Sunfire Cape.

With all of their teammates dead, most players would’ve simply waited patiently for them to respawn. But the Ornn player decided to teleport into the enemy team and meet them head-on instead.

Using Call of the Forge God (R), the Ornn player knocked up three opponents and instantly eliminated two low targets. Using his full ability rotation, as well as getting some help from the Infernal Drake, the player chased down the enemy Jinx and finished her off as well.

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