League of Legends Worlds Final To Have Live Audience in Shanghai Stadium

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship final will have over 6,000 live attendees at Pudong Stadium in Shanghai, China. The LPL, China’s premier League of Legends professional league, made the announcement on Chinese social media site Weibo early this morning. The post was translated by LPL journalist Ran, who uploaded the translation to her Tumblr account.

Taking place at Pudong Football Stadium in Shanghai, China, the League of Legends Worlds 2020 Grand Final will have a live audience of 6,312. Seats are free, though fans must meet some strict criteria if they want to earn entry. Those who wish to attend will be able to enter a lottery designed by Riot Games between October 12th and 14th.

To qualify for a seat, fans must have a level 30 Tencent server League of Legends account, which you will need to sign into. A single account can win two seats. A Chinese phone number is necessary for entering the lottery drawing; should you be selected, you will receive a text message with instructions on what to do next. Winners will need to pay a deposit, the amount of which has not been revealed. The deposit will be returned after attending the event, and will be donated if you do not show up.

In accordance with the city of Shanghai’s COVID-19 safety guidelines, open seats at the stadium will be “arranged in single separation fashion,” according to Ran’s translation. Guests will not have anyone sitting directly to the right or left of them. The Shanghai government will assist Riot in making sure safety guidelines are followed.

Attendees will have their ID checked before entering the stadium, and facial recognition will be used to prevent seats from being sold. Temperatures will be checked as well, to further prevent any spread of the coronavirus. “Worlds hosting this year has been extremely complicated due to covid19,” the translation states, “it is greatly appreciated that Riot made this year’s worlds happen when looking around the globe about other esports events, even sports events.”

The 2020 World Championship has taken place on LAN in Shanghai, with no live audience until now. The play-off stage begins on October 15th, with the Grand Final set to take place on October 31st.

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