Liquid win North American clash against Evil Geniuses at IEM Katowice

In a battle of the North American titans, Liquid walked away with a 2-1 victory over Evil Geniuses to continue to hold their title of the regions best. This win has secured a playoff spot for Liquid, although they will be playing G2 to determine whether that will be a straight shot into the semifinals or a quarterfinals appearance.

Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken had a monster series, netting a server high +27 kill-to-death differential and 93.3 average damage per round.

The series kicked off on Overpass, a map Liquid was feared on for months prior to their relatively quick change from unstoppable on the map to struggling to beat anyone on it. It seems Liquid has done a bit of a revamp and figured out how to continue to play the map despite a previous decline in performance on it. Jake “stewie2k” Yip and co. managed to walk away with a 16-7 victory to give themself the one map advantage moving on to Nuke.

Nuke looked like it would be the nail in the coffin for EG, however, Liquid’s 11-4 CT side lead would prove to be a common theme in the match as upon switching EG managed to do the same and force overtime. EG would find their rhythm in the extra rounds, sweeping Liquid for the 19-15 victory, forcing a third and final meeting on Inferno. Vincent Cayonte was the top performer for EG with a 99.2 ADR, second to only Keith “NAF” Markovic of Liquid who had 101.9.

Inferno would swing the way of Liquid after a 9-6 halftime lead. A 7-4 advantage after switching to the CT side would see Twistz’s side pull away with the 16-10 win. None of the EG players managed to finsih the map with a positive record.

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