LPL Org Edward Gaming Accused Of Sexual Harassment Cover-Up

A staff member of League of Legends Pro League organization Edward Gaming (EDG) has accused the team’s management of covering up a sexual harassment allegation. Considered a top esports organization in LPL in China, EDG has won numerous regional titles and finished tenth in LPL 2020 Summer.

On September 12, a now-former staff member claimed that EDG tried to bribe her after she accused a team photographer of harassment. The employee, who shared her story on Weibo, a Chinese social media site, provided several screenshots of messages between her and EDG management.

The former employee, who stated she was a “writer, director, and post-production editor” for EDG, claimed that the organization’s photographer, A Yuan, had “sexually harassed” her for over a year while they collaborated on projects for EDG. She added that Yuan had used “all kinds of methods to touch [her] at work and in private.”

After complaining to EDG’s Operation Manager Chen Mou in January, the organization allegedly tried to “shut her up” by paying her off. For the next nine months, the former staff member negotiated with the organization and tried to keep her distance from Yuan. She finally decided to quit and go public with her allegations.

On Weibo, EDG responded to the allegations, stating that the former employee had indeed filed a complaint but could not provide evidence that she had been harassed. The organization added that a video sent to its legal team did not reveal any type of harassment or sexual assault. As for the alleged bribe, EDG claims that the amount was a “bonus for the video team’s results in 2019,” which all staff members had received.

On Sunday, it was reported that EDG founder, Edward Chu, had been unaware of the harassment allegations until they were publicized on social media. He has since pledged to restructure the company and has reportedly reached out to the former staff member to provide support. Riot Games, which develops and publishes League of Legends, has not yet commented on the allegations.

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