Lux/Heimerdinger control is the new top deck you should play in Runeterra Patch 0.9.2

Legends of Runeterra Patch 0.9.2 came in with a series of balance changes that affected some of the game’s strongest cards. A large chunk of the Shadow Isles region was targeted as Hecarim, Black Spear, The Rekindler, and Mark of the Isles all got weaker. Elnuks also took a hit, which in turn weakened the popular Ezreal Combo decks, so meta changes were bound to happen.

Runeterra decks that remained strong in Patch 0.9.2.

Despite the massive patch changes, the meta didn’t completely change overnight. Some archetypes have remained dominant in these first 0.9.2 days. Even with the nerfs, the S/I Zed/Hecarim midrange took #1 Master in the first hours of the new patch. Ezreal Combos found a new list without Elnuks and climbed to Top 15 Master. And Fiora/Garen Allegiance midrange decks changed a thing or two and also made it to #1 Master.

However, there is one new completely new archetype that emerged with Patch 0.9.2 which is taking over the ladder and control players should definitely check it out. Introducing:

The Lux/Heimerdinger control — Runeterra’s new top deck

While Heimerdinger controls have always been in fashion, Lux never became the built-around card Riot Games wanted her to be. Lux is a very late game champion and requires a lot of mana in spells to level up, which is not always possible.

Patch 0.9.2, however, reworked the Mageseeker cards. Previously, the required the player to discard a spell to buff the Mageseekers’ stats, but the new versions are way better: once you’ve cast a 6+ mana spell this game, they get their bonus, regardless where they are in the game — deck, hand, or board. With a pair of Mageseeker Inciters and Mageseeker Persuaders, Demacia control decks now have a solid board control followers that can also put pressure and buy time, which is all Lux needs.

Once both Heimerdinger and Lux are in play, the deck starts dishing spells to generate endless turrets from Heimerdinger. The deck plays similar to the Karma/Heimerdinger controls, but with more board removal from the 0-mana Fleeting Sparks. The deck is greedy, but powerful, and Liquid’s Alanzq piloted it to #2 Master just one day after Patch 0.9.2 hit.

As with every young archetype, there are a number of variations on the list. Below are the lists of Hyped, FiVE and Freshca, all of whom are CCG veterans and proven deck engineers.

Click on the pictures for full deckslist.

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