Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – four great cosplays

With the rising popularity of mobile games and in particular mobile MOBAs, it’s no surprise that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has brought in such a large number of fans and players. Of these fans, some are cosplayers who love to dress up in full costumes to look like characters from the fan-favorite game.

We’ve brought forth some of the best cosplayers portraying characters from MLBB for your viewing pleasure.

1. Kameaam

Kameaam goes with several MLBB characters & skins including Layla skin Cannon and Roses and Guinevere skin Lotus.

2. Azulacan

Azulacan has done an amazing job bringing Mobile Legends heroes to life via cosplay, most notably when she got the chance to cosplay Freya on the MLBB City Tour. We also can’t forget the great job she did with the Athena Asamiya Guinevere skin.

3. Kath Cos

Our favorite of the bunch, Kath Cos has pulled off some of the best cosplay for MLBB to date. Her Black Pearl Karina and Selena Double Identity look absolutely amazing and deserve recognition.

4. Larissa Rochefort

A known cosplayer throughout the world, Larissa Rochefort has always dove into the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, taking on the role of several heroes from the game including Alice Skin Wizardy Teacher.

We love to see our favorite games and characters come to life, so which MLBB hero would you like to see cosplayed the most? Let us know on social media or in the comments!

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