MTG Arena Cube Sealed revealed in March State of the Game

Wizards of the Coast revealed today that a Cube Sealed event will launch in early April along with several new additions being added in the upcoming MTG Arena March update.

Progress towards implementing Cube Draft in MTG Arena is still under construction. But WotC has a solution, revealing a Cube Sealed event in today’s Arena “State of the Game.” No entry fee has been announced at the time of writing, but there are gold and gem rewards for wins earned. 

Players also won’t be able to add cards from the Cube Sealed event to their library, according to WotC. Arena Cube Sealed is classified as a “Phantom” event, meaning players can’t keep cards but have access to a larger pool of Rare and Mythic Rare’s to construct a deck with. And the event won’t arrive until sometime in early April. 

There are several changes taking place at the time of the March update, though. Historic Anthology II will launch, as previously announced, with several scheduled events. 

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