MTG pro Aaron Barich joins Legends of Runeterra balance team

Riot Games is expanding its Legends of Runeterra balance team with competitive tabletop and digital card players, adding Aaron “Runeclaw” Barich to the ranks last night.

Barich went full-time as a Magic: The Gathering pro two years ago, grinding the SCG circuit with numerous accolades, streaming, and competing at Mythic Championship V this past year. But now, she’ll join former Magic pro and LoR lead Steve Rubin at Riot. 

“Today I completed my first steps towards a goal I have wanted for years,” Barich said. “In a few months, I will be moving to Los Angeles to work at a position at Riot Games as a member of the Legends of Runeterra balance team. I’m scared and nervous at the thought of leaving most of my life behind, but more than those I’m excited about this opportunity and what it means for my future.”

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