New Overwatch 2 hero, Sojourn, highlighted during BlizzConline

The world could definitely use new heroes.

Blizzard revealed more information about one of its new heroes coming to Overwatch 2 today during BlizzConline—and they look like a lot of fun.

Exact details about Sojourn’s kit weren’t given, but the video broadcast by Blizzard just now showed her in action for the first time. And we now know what her weapon is, and it’s awesome—a railgun.

Sojourn was described as “one of people’s favorites” at Blizzard, thanks to her gun specifically. In the video, it looks like it has two firing modes, one being full-automatic fire and another being charged up railgun shots.

Previously, Blizzard revealed Sojourn as one of the new heroes in Overwatch 2 back at BlizzCon 2019. She’s the first of many new heroes that will likely be added to the game. Echo was confirmed by Blizzard to be the last hero added to the original game until the sequel comes out.

Overwatch 2, which will add new content like story missions and hero missions onto the existing Overwatch game, is in development with no known release date.

This story is being updated with more information as it becomes available.

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