New York Subliners bench Zer0 ahead of CDL Los Angeles

The New York Subliners Call of Duty League team has seemingly made a surprise move before CDL Los Angeles. According to one of their players, Trei “Zer0” Morris, the team has made a roster move. On a recent Twitch stream, Zer0 stated the team has decided to bench him in order to put a substitute on the starting roster. We’re not 100% sure who this will be, but one player has been seen scrimmaging with the Subliners starting roster for the past few days.

New York decides against Zer0 for L.A.

This is pretty big news when you consider how long Zer0 has been playing at a top-level. After a successful campaign with FaZe Clan in Black Ops 4, Zer0 was a fairly large name on the free-agent market. Ultimately, he decided to sign with the New York Subliners alongside some familiar faces.

Zer0 knew Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparatto from his time on FaZe as well as Dillon “Attach” Price, who had been a part of FaZe for years. So, Zer0 was coming to New York with some friends and familiarity already in place.

However, after a rough start for the New York Subliners, Zer0 seems to have fallen out of favor. The team is currently 1-4 in the CDL standings with only 10 points to their name. So, it’s clear that something isn’t working for the roster. Apparently, New York felt that it was Zer0.

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So uh yeah 😀

This is just my reaction to being benched, truly unfortunate that it happened but just gotta wait and hope to play again, most likely wont be playing at L.A just gotta see how things unfold.

The Subliner’s answer to the benching of Zer0 seems to be replacing him with Nick “Happy” Suda. Originally signed as a substitute, Happy is an experienced Call of Duty player, performing well under organizations like Cloud 9 and Team Kaliber in the past.

However, some in the community feel that Zer0 wasn’t the one to blame for New York’s poor start to the season. We’ll have to wait and see who was right when CDL L.A. kicks off this weekend.

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