Opera GX teams with tournament platform Repeat.gg – The Esports Observer

Tournament platform Repeat.gg has partnered with multi-platform web browser Opera GX (a gaming-focused version of the popular Opera browser) for Call of Duty Warzone and  League of Legends competitions. 

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Australia-based esports and gaming marketing firm BIG Esports helped secure the deal on behalf of Opera GX. 

The two tournaments require that participants first download the Opera GX browser. The Opera GX Warzone competition will run from July 8 – Aug. 8, with a $5,000 USD total prize pool; while the Opera GX LoL tournament (also running from July 8 – Aug. 8) will reward participants with 6,000,000 Repeat Coins, the platform’s virtual currency. More information on both tournaments can be found here.

Repeat.gg is a platform that aims to help brands and content creators create branded tournaments that reward participants with modest cash prizes or its virtual currency, which users can use to buy items from its marketplace. Repeat.gg has worked with such brands as the U.S Army, Totino’s, Turtle Beach, Papa Johns, and GFUEL, among others. 

Earlier this month, Opera GX partnered with Challengmore to raise funds for grassroots esports competitions in select regions.

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