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Since the beginning of the new Call of Duty season, Optic Gaming LA has been facing some issues. Although they have some of the best names in Call of Duty history, their unimpressive start to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has left them with 0 CDL points so far. In response to this, Brandon ‘Dashy’ O’tell has taken on the SMG role.

Previously, Dashy has served as a main AR for the team. However, the role change will allow fans to see a new play-style from him. Overall, Dashy has proven that he is a talented player, and he became a fan favorite during the Black Ops 4 season. There, he dominated the scene throughout the season as a member of Optic Gaming.

The role switch

Call of Duty fans have argued that a role change was needed within the team. Some even suggested that the team needed a roster change in order to combat their issues. And it looks like OGLA has agreed with at least some of these sentiments.

Dashy’s new role was announced via his Twitter page. At this moment, though, it is not clear who he will swap roles with.

Sub dash http://twitch.tv/dashy http://twitch.tv/dashy 

Dashy – Twitch

back on my bs @DashySZN !ig

The caption ‘sub dash’ has been greeted positively by Call of Duty fans. In addition, caster Clint ‘Maven’ Evans and Optic Gaming’s General Manager Eric ‘Muddawg’ Sanders responded with GIFs suggesting that it was only a matter of time before the switch was made.

The next Home Series of the Call of Duty League will take place from Mar. 7 to Mar. 8. This event will be hosted by Optic Gaming LA and the Los Angeles Guerrillas. It will be interesting to watch Dashy use the MP5 at the next event – and to discover what his new role can add to the team.

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