OpTic Gaming Los Angeles Bench JKap For Upcoming Event

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles have continuously failed to live up to the lofty expectations placed on them since the start of the Call of Duty League. Many considered OpTic Gaming to be one of the best teams in the league heading into it, but have only secured two wins all season which both came at their home event in LA.

It looked like OpTic Gaming were on the come-up after that event but have since fizzled out once more. They were in desperate need of change which is finally coming after they announced JKap will be benched for the Florida event this upcoming weekend.

Chino will get the starting nod over JKap heading into the weekend. It’s clear something hasn’t been working for OpTic all season and this might be the boost needed to get them on the right track before it really does become too late. Chino has a long history of competitive Call of Duty, dating back to even the Modern Warfare 2 days. If he provides that spark needed, OpTic Gaming has more than enough talent to make a run late in the season.

They also mentioned approaching roles within the team and trying to decide what direction to take their play. They definitely have a lot of top-tier talent but some maybe playing roles they don’t quite feel comfortable on. Hopefully the new changes can help bring out the potential of not only the team as a whole but the individual players as well.

OpTic Gaming is arguably the most disappointing team so far during the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League. They have failed to live up to the lofty expectations placed on them due to their talent and the storied name behind them and find themselves at one of the bottom teams in the standings. It seems every week, we are waiting for them to turn it on and begin to compete at a high level. This upcoming weekend is the perfect opportunity to start doing that.

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