Overwatch competitive season 27 is experiencing some rollout issues

Players have been unable to play competitive games as the seasons switch over.

Dedicated players looking to jump directly into season 27 of competitive Overwatch will have to be a little more patient.

Users have been unable to enter into competitive matches of Overwatch today in multiple regions, including North America and Europe, since the competitive seasons “switched over” at 12pm CT. The competitive mode “card,” which usually displays the season number on the game’s home page, simply says zero. 

Overwatch players immediately posted these issues on the game’s official forums, as well as Reddit and Twitter. The developer team is “looking into it” as of 1:20pm CT, according to community manager Josh Nash.

Lead software engineer Bill Warnecke commented on a Reddit thread and said the team is “investigating an issue that’s causing the new competitive season to not start properly.” 

Normally, a new competitive season starts immediately after the previous one ends. Season 26 officially ended at 11:59am CT on March 4.   

As of 2pm CT, a warning appears in Overwatch that says “due to technical issues, Competitive Mode is temporarily unavailable.”  

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