Overwatch Pros Fined $1000 For Typing Obscenities In League Match Chat

Two Overwatch League players have each been fined a whopping $1000 because they typed some obscenities in their match chat over this last weekend.

The culprits in question are San Francisco Shock’s Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim and Los Angeles Valiant’s Jung-won “Lastro” Mun. During an online match this weekend, “as a joke” Lastro thought he’d bless the in-game match chat with the words “sex” and “big dick,” apparently not thinking that the chat was also visible to spectators of the match. Whoops!

To really drive the awkward sentiment home, rival Rascal decided he would also throw in a “big dick” of his own into the chat, presumably also not realizing viewers could see the contents of the chat.

SF Shock Overwatch

Fellow San Fransisco Shock team member Matthew “Super” DeLisi tried to save these two misfits from themselves by telling them – tactfully – to stop, saying: “idiots [the spectators] can see on stream.” Alas, it was too late by then. The damage was done, and now both Rascal and Lastro have to cough up fines of $1000 each. Ouch.

Their names have both been added to the naughty list aka Overwatch’s League Player Discipline Tracker, and officially comprise the first two League players of 2020 to receive disciplinary actions. Not a fab achievement, to be honest.

Hopefully this is a lesson learned for Overwatch pros to be more vigilant of how they use the in-game chat. With a hefty fine like that, we’re sure that it is.

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