Phoenix – first VALORANT character trailer revealed

Phoenix is the first character to be revealed via a video from the official VALORANT Twitter account. The game made the transformation from Project A to VALORANT just days ago when Riot Games unveiled the project’s new title alongside several new details.

The game seeks to blend together Counter-Strike like gameplay alongside individual heroes with abilities.

The gameplay trailer showcases Phoenix moving through the map, utilizing his abilities to gain information and ceil off areas of the map, or at least their line of sight so he can engage other players safely. Unfortunately, the abilities were not revealed in the video, just shown to some degree.

His wall ability looks to have one charge while the fireballs he throws which seem to direct themselves towards enemies can be used twice.

The highly-anticipated first-person shooter is expected to release in Summer 2020 although there has yet to be an official date set.

It will be interesting to see if Riot can deliver on the promises they’re making regarding the sophistication of the infrastructure to combat network issues and cheating.

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