PowerOfEvil has the most kills and highest damage numbers of any LCS mid laner through week 5

Over the past five weeks, FlyQuest have shattered all expectations by quickly racking up a 7-3 record during the 2020 LCS Spring Split. And one of the main reasons for the team’s success is PowerOfEvil, who’s now leading all LCS mid laners in kills and damage stats.

PowerOfEvil played for CLG last year. They came in seventh during the spring and were eliminated in the playoff semifinals by Cloud9 in the summer. Their quest to reach Worlds was then cut short by Clutch Gaming during the NA Regional Gauntlet. It was a decent run, however, for a team that constantly struggled over the past two years.

“I think people underestimated me in CLG,” PowerOfEvil said in an interview with EsportsHeaven. “They were like a seventh place team, and when I joined, we went to third place.”

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