PSG.LGD are the China Dota2 Professional League champions

China Dota2 Professional League Season 1 has come to an end after five months of regular matches. As expected, the best teams in the region made it to the playoffs stage, and the grand final was a best-of-five showdown between Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD Gaming.

Fresh of their victory at WeSave! Charity Play, where they had VG in the grand final as well, PSG.LGD were looking to prove that their success from last week wasn’t just a stroke of luck. On the other hand, VG were looking for revenge and kicked off the grand finals with a well-rounded draft meant to give them the advantage through all the stages. The early game was secured courtesy of Timbersaw and Nyx Assassin, the objectives were secured with a mid lane Death Prophet, while in the late game Naga Siren took full control to secure VG a strong start. However, PSG.LGD fought back strong with two quick victories in game two and three by countering Zhang “Eurus” Chengjun’s Faceless Void.

Despite the two losses with the Faceless Void, VG picked it in game four as well, but they also had a backup plan with Huskar always being a nuisance, especially with an Ogre Magi on his side to keep the Bloodlust buff up. PSG.LGD’s carry Lone Druid was fully countered by VG’s last pick Huskar, and so the grand finals were pushed to a decisive game five. VG’s plan for the last match of the series was to push down the towers fast and run over their adversaries. But while they had that sorted out with Shadow Shaman and Lifestealer, they quickly realized that they lacked both damage and sustainability to outlast PSG.LGD in team fights.  Lu “Maybe” Yao’s Dragon Knight, along with Yang “Chalice”‘ Shenyi’s Slark, were constantly able to survive the infest bomb initiation and turn around every fight to bring PSG.LGD the championship title.

 China Dota2 Professional League Season 1 final standings:

  • 1st place: $112,738 – PSG.LGD
  • 2nd place: $56,369 – Vici Gaming
  • 3rd place: $28,184 – Invictus Gaming
  • 4th place: $7,046 – Royal Never Give Up
  • 5th/6th place: $2,114 – Invictus Gaming, Team Aster
  • 7th place: $1,409 – Keen Gaming
  • 8th place: $1,409 – EHOME
  • 9th place: Newbee
  • 10th place: Typhoon E-Sports Club

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