Rainbow Six Siege breaks Steam record 4 years after launch

Rainbow Six Siege has come a long way from its launch four years ago. The game had a rough start but began to take form after a few updates and operations.

The game is now one of the most popular first-person shooters across all platforms and attracts new players every day. Siege broke its concurrent player record on Steam this weekend with 180,463 players online at the same time.

Siege is on sale right now, which helped attract new players to try out the game. The concurrent record is usually broken during free weekends, which makes the latest achievement more impressive.

Siege has steadily grown in popularity and has seen an influx of players since last November, according to Steam Charts. The achievement is more impressive considering most PC players play Siege directly through Uplay. Steam users represent a small portion of Siege players and they don’t take console players or Uplay users into consideration. Adding in the other platforms where fans play Siege would likely show an increase across the board.

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