Riot details full Wukong changes hitting League’s PBE today

Riot Games senior champion designer August Browning broke down the Monkey King’s full rework hitting the PBE today—and Wukong fans will certainly be happy.

To make up for the additional tankiness Wukong will have from the changes to his passive, Stone Skin, the Monkey King’s base stats are all taking a hit. This shouldn’t be too detrimental, however, since Stone Skin will increase bonuses by 50 percent for five seconds every time Wukong or his clone hits an enemy champion or monster.

Wukong’s Crushing Blow (Q) is being adjusted to scale better in the later stages of the game. It’s damage and range will increase at higher levels and its cast time will scale with attack speed. Its cooldown will also reduce by half a second whenever the Monkey King or his clone deals damage with basic attacks or spells.

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