Riot dev breaks down Reyna abilities – New Agent

Since VALORANT’s 11th Agent, Reyna, was revealed yesterday there has been a lot of questions about her kit. To the rescue came Character Design Lead of VALORANT, Ryan “Morello” Scott.

The Riot employee explained that she is a “feast or famine” which he explains to mean that if you’re not getting kills and therefore collecting Soul Orbs (we’ll get to that) then you’re really not all that useful in terms of your abilities.

He explains that Soul Orbs, which are needed to cast two of her abilities, “are only spawned when *Reyna* kills a player” and are apparently very limited in the time they stick around.

Her Q & E both feed off of the same bar which is filled via the Soul Orbs. On one side, Morello explains, she can heal her health and shields completely and on the other she can turn herself invulnerable. We know that second part sounds broken, but don’t worry, he follows it up by explaining that during this invulnerability stage Reyna is unable to shoot.

Players will have to choose whether or not to expend one of their collected Soul Orbs to heal themself or attempt to escape an uncomfortable situation. The trade potential or escape potential from that second ability is certainly appealing.

In terms of her ultimate, it allows Reyna to shoot faster, reload faster, modifies her recoil, and every kill she gets when it’s active resets the timer for it.

Her signature ability is her flash. She sends out an eye which will blind those within its range to everything except the eye itself. Players can shoot the ability in order to destroy it and restore their sight.

Reyna is definitely one of the most in-depth characters we’ve seen in the game thus far and one that when used correctly and efficiently can be absolutely game changing.

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