Rogue Warriors release jungler WeiYan after match fixing allegations

Rogue Warriors have released their jungler Wang “WeiYan” Xiang after match fixing allegations, the LPL confirmed in a Weibo post Wednesday. League management did not confirm which matches did WeiYan fix, only stating that the jungler had acted in a way that “seriously violated the team’s rules and discipline”, though additional information on Weibo through screenshots suggests WeiYan has tried to fix matches against Victory 5 (RW won 2-0 this Sunday) and Dominus Esports (upcoming on Thursday, March 26).

The decision leaves Rogue Warriors with no substitute jungler and the position will be manned by Chen “Haro” Wen-Lin alone.

This isn’t the first time the Rogue Warriors organization has been involved in match fixing. Last April, RW’s LDL team, Rogue Warriors Shark, had to forfeit their LDL Spring Playoffs spot, after three of its players were fou nd guilty of match-fixing. This included mid laner Jie “Caocao” Ren and AD Carries Kangjian ”Zhanzhao” Liao and Zhanhong “FengXian” Liu. The three were aided by Tao “XIaoYao” Xie, then a jungler for Rogue Warriors’ LPL roster. The guilty players were issued an 18-month suspension, so they’ll be able to return for the 2021 Spring Split at the earliest.

Rogue Warriors are one of the struggling teams in the LPL, finishing towards the bottom of the table in both 2019 seasons (15th in Spring, 13th in Summer) and hold a negative 3-5 record in the current LPL Spring Split.

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