Tank Players In Overwatch Fear Job Losses After Team Sizes Reduced To 5

With the recent Overwatch 2 announcement that PvP matches will shrink from 6v6 to 5v5, with only one tank allowed on each side, pro Overwatch tank players are worried about their job security.

The current meta has teams of six playing in a 2x2x2 formation, with two DPS, two healers, and two tanks. Matches in the Overwatch League (OWL) are currently comprised of two teams of six players, with six additional players allowed to be swapped between maps. Despite the total membership of 12, many tanks are now worried that they may get cut from their teams due to this new meta being implemented in Overwatch 2.

Some Overwatch pro players have been quite outspoken on Twitter, such as Vancouver Titans player Frdwnr, who tweeted that it was “unbelievably disrespectful to make this decision and completely remove a role that people gave up years of their lives to achieve”. This tweet strikes at the heart of the issue: a change to the game can have drastic effects on people who have spent years building a career with the game and rely on it to make a living.

The prospect of job losses will be especially concerning to Korean members of the OWL, as most of them come from working-class families. Wired reports that this is because many Korean students who can’t afford to pay for expensive cramming schools that prepare them for college exams spend their time in cheap gaming cafés instead. For them, competitive gaming and esports offer a route out of poverty.

It may not be all doom and gloom, however. As reported by Kotaku, Albert Yeh, Vice President of Esports Operations for Florida Mayhem believes that tank players won’t lose their jobs any time soon, because “I can’t think of a single tank player in OWL that will be able to cover the entire tank cast as it is currently”. As it currently stands, there are eight different tank heroes that players can choose from, so it is unlikely that any esports pro player will be able to master them all. As a result, Yeh thinks “teams will still retain at least two tanks initially.”

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