The LPL joins national day of mourning on April 4 for COVID-19 victims

The LPL matches scheduled for Saturday, Apr. 4, will be rescheduled to Apr. 20, league management confirmed Friday. The reason is China’s national day of mourning, commemorating the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“To our fans: Please join us in mourning the lives that have been impacted by the outbreak, recognizing the medical staff who were crucial to the effort, and raising awareness of the best practices such as social distancing to follow during these difficult times,” LPL pleaded.

China, from where the pandemic originated, is the most affected country in the Western Pacific Region, according to the World Health Organization. As of Apr. 2, there are almost 83,000 reported cases of COVID-19 and over 3,300 deaths, although the numbers for both are likely much higher, given China’s dense population.

According to WHO’s official stats, that puts China in third place in the world by number of confirmed cases. The dark COVID-19 statistics, sorted by total number of confirmed cases is as follows:

  • United States: 187,302 cases, 3,846 deaths
  • Italy: 110,574 cases, 13,157 deaths
  • Spain: 102,136 cases, 9,053 deaths
  • China: 82,724 cases, 3,327 deaths
  • Germany: 73,522 cases, 872 deaths

Beijing announced April 4 as national day of mourning today. At 10:00 CST tomorrow, the Chinese people will observe three minutes of silence mourning the deceased. Fourteen workers from the Hubei Province, where the virus spread from, will be recognized as martyrs, including some of the whistleblowers who attempted to warn medical staff about the potential outbreak before they were reprimanded by the police.

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