TheShy might be preparing Kalista top for his return to the LPL

The League of Legends top lane has been in a state of flux for quite some time—and it might get a bit weirder once the LPL resumes on Monday, March 9.

As pointed out originally by Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi, Invictus Gaming superstar Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok has started to play a ton of Kalista up in the top lane since Wednesday, Feb. 26.

Kalista hasn’t been a priority pick for most teams in the West. But in the LCK, she’s already been played in 10 games. She’s been solely played in the bottom lane, however, where she sits at a 40-percent win rate.

TheShy is spamming Kalista top rushing Sanguine Blade, lane looks super strong and you can be very creative with usage of who you bind (jungle/carries that need safety) – if it becomes meta a lot of toplaners in the LEC and LCS are doomed. Enjoy your solo queue experience.

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