Tracer Is The First Ever Overwatch League Funko Pop!

Sometimes it seems like virtually every major fantasy and science fiction character that has ever appeared on a screen of some sort has been turned into a Funko Pop! figurine. Included in Funko’s line of big-headed cartoon vinyls are numerous Overwatch heroes, some of whom have even been made into multiple variants to showcase some of their unique skins (like Genji’s Sentai skin, for example). However, in a first for the Overwatch League and the esports industry at large, a unique Tracer Funko Pop! figure was recently released as official OWL merchandise.

Overwatch League Tracer differs from the existing, vanilla Tracer figurine almost solely in coloration, similar to how basic skins work within the Overwatch game. Instead of her classic, predominately orange and brown look, the new Tracer doll’s suit is almost all dark gray and white. And whereas white is an accent color in Tracer’s regular look, the Overwatch League’s unique shade of orange is used as a highlight on her new outfit.

She also sports a couple of gold items—her goggles have been made mostly gold, as has her Chronal accelerator (the circular object located on her solar plexus, which is the in-fiction technology responsible for her time jumping power). Additionally, an extra Overwatch League logo was added to her left leg where there’s no design on her regular outfit.

While the figurine is the first of its kind for the Overwatch League, it also marks the first time a collectible Funko Pop! has been created for an esport of any sort. Tracer is both emblematic of Overwatch, appearing on the game’s box art, as well as represented by silhouette in the league’s logo, making her a natural choice for this role.

The new Overwatch League Tracer Funko Pop! is branded in its online product description as a Fanatics exclusive. This means that the figurine will only be available through Fanatics, the sports merchandise supplier responsible for running the Overwatch League’s webstore (in addition to most other sports leagues’). It’s purchasable both directly on the Fanatics webstore as well as through the Fanatics-run Overwatch League online shop.

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